Spanish/8th grade Religion
Instructor: Mrs. Baskin   


DUOLINGO GOALS - 4th quarter
5th grade:  100 xp - do not pass possession and strengthen previous lessons
6/7 grade:  150 xp - do not pass people and strengthen previous lessons
8th grade:  200 xp 



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Class Announcements
8th Spanish Objectives - 4th Quarter
  • discuss movies, museums, and concerts
  • relate more past actions or events
  • talk about what doesn't happen
  • conjugate past tense ER and IR verbs
  • review past tense AR verbs
  • talk about cultural activites that are popular in the Spanish -speaking world
6th and 7th Objectives - 4th Quarter
  • identify and describe school supplies
  • identify and describe items of clothing
  • state color and size preferences
  • tell what you are going to do - IR + A + INFINITIVE
  • tell what you have to do - TENER + QUE + INFINITIVE
  • express amazement
  • tell what belongs to you and others
  • talking about clothing preferences in native people in the Spanish speaking world
  • conjugate regular AR verbs in singular and plural forms
  • conjugate irregular verbs: IR, DAR, & ESTAR
  • ​form the contraction "DEL"
4th and 5th Objectives - 4th Quarter
  • identify different types of transportation
  • identify recreational places
  • tell their destination
  • say how they are getting there
  • ask someone where they are going
  • conjugate the verb "IR"
2nd and 3rd Objectives - 4th Quarter
  • recognize numbers 0 -50
  • identify types of clothing
  • tell what you are wearing
  • ask what someone is wearing
  • describe items of clothing
  • match clothing gender and number with adjectives
8th grade Religion objectives - 4th Quarter
  • learn about daily saints
  • write daily personal reflection from saints' stories
  • act out the Stations of the Cross on Holy Thursday
  • understand the Triduum and Paschal Mystery
  • understand different types of prayer
  • explain why Jesus fasted in the desert
  • pray Rosary together
  • chose and present on a Marian apparition
Prek / Kindergarten Objectives - 3rd QUARTER
  • identify 8 major colors
  • recognize numbers 0 - 10
  • count from 0 - 10
  • greet others in the morning, afternoon, and night
  • introduce self
  • ask someone their name
  • state how you are feeling
  • ask someone how they are feeling
1st Grade Objectives - 3rd Quarter
  • greet others
  • respond to greetings
  • introduce self
  • say farewells
  • identify familiar classroom objects
  • recognize numbers 0-20
  • count from 0 - 20
  • point to classroom objects
  • state colors of classroom objects
Class Web Pages
Class Vocab, Rubrics, and Assignments
 1st vocabulary.docx
1st Vocabulary List
 leccion 9-10.docx
4th quarter vocabulary
2nd and 3rd grade
 leccion 9-10.docx
2nd / 3rd vocabulary - 4th quarter
 Lección 23 y 24.docx
4th quarter vocab - 4/5 grades
 pk-k vocabulary.docx
Pre-K and Kindergarten Vocabulary List
 unit 4.docx
4th quarter vocab - 6/7 grades
 unit 5 vocab (8th grade).docx
4th quarter vocab - 8th grade