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 Our Lady of Guadalupe

In the early 16th century, A poor  57 year old Indian  was baptized and given the name Juan Diego. His wife had died and he lived in a small village near Mexico City. On Saturday morning, December 9, 1531, he left on foot for the 4 mile walk to attend Mass in honor of Our Lady.

He was walking by Tepeyac Hill and heard beautiful music like birds. A brilliant cloud appeared and before him stood a y beautiful Native American robed as an Aztec princess. The lady spoke to him in his own language and sent him to the bishop of Mexico, a Franciscan named Juan de Zumarraga. She asked Juan Diego to tell the bishop to build a chapel in the very spot where she appeared to him.

The somewhat doubting bishop told Juan Diego that he needed a sign from the Lady. At the same time Juan Diego’s uncle, Juan Bernadino, became gravely ill which resulted in Juan Diego trying to find a priest to give his dying uncle his last rights. He avoided the lady at her spot, but she found Diego anyway and told him that his uncle was better.  She told him to go to the hill to cut roses and place them in his tilma to show them to the bishop.

When Juan Diego opened his tilma in front of the bishop, the miraculous roses fell to the ground and the bishop sank to his knees. On Juan Diego’s tilma appeared an image of Mary exactly as she had appeared at the hill of Tepeyac. It was December 12, 1531.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patron Saint of:

The Americas



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5th and 6th grade:  unit 1: AMIGOS Y ALUMNOS

7th and 8th grades:  LOS DEPORTES

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